Monday music

Well it is another Monday.and while stiing here blogging and visiting the blogs that I like to visit.I’m endulging in listening to one of my favorite things to listen to.Yes it is Hammered dulicmer music! The CD that I’m currently listening to is A GREEN HILL INSTRUMENTAL CLASSIC. CALLED COUNTRY MOUNTAIN AMERICA, This has 18 patriot favorites. To find where you can get your own copies of this music and other discs, here is the number to call,1-800-200-4656.
you have to wade through the menu,but if this helps during the menu you can punch in 100,and you will be able to talk to a live person.
may every one Have A Great Day filled With Blessings,and God’s grace. I know that I donot talk enough about this,but that is the way I am.
Please do not get me wrong I am greatful everyday for the blessing that have been given to me. Even if I don’t talk about it much.God Less you one and All.Mike

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  1. Mike,What wonderful music! I think music is a great way to lift ones spirits!I was wondering why the comments come up as a pop-up. I am having trouble with this. My computer doesn\’t seem to like it. Tina

  2. it is possible that A0your popup blocker is the culprit or B0 you have to find the setting in blogger that does this.I found it by accident so I cannot tell you how to do this,Sorry.

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