Day: February 24, 2008

The Adventures of Mikey (this is a long one Folks)

Hi folks,well an other Sunday has arrived,It is currently 34*and I’m sitting here I’m recalling something that used to be really popular in the late 60’s thru the 80’s.and that is drag raceing.we used to have several cources near here on we in… Continue Reading “The Adventures of Mikey (this is a long one Folks)”

going places

I have stated that in an earlier blog that from time to time I’d post a web site to go visit. is my current I have just stated in the previous posting of today,the German Sub U-505 is there it has been… Continue Reading “going places”

Silly Saturday

welcome to One and All; sillyness is and be contageous.I certainly hope so. Any way my one cousins and I(we are 17 years apart) trade insults and other silly stuff via the Yahoo instant messenger service.there is a lot of pretty neat stuff there,… Continue Reading “Silly Saturday”

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