Silly Saturday

welcome to One and All; sillyness is and be contageous.I certainly hope so. Any way my one cousins and I(we are 17 years apart) trade insults and other silly stuff via the Yahoo instant messenger service.there is a lot of pretty neat stuff there, if the parties have the same messenger package we both the 8.0 version and we have fun with it.It has smileies and some other stuff and we usually send the insults and welcomes and in general we try to anoy each other as much as see us in action you would think you were watching a couple of children at play.well maybe we are it is said that a childlike person will be able to get into heaven easier that a childish person,Yes there is a difference.A childlike person still has the inquizitiveness of a child but with the grown up scence of resonsibilities. I think that I qualify.
If any of you want to admit your sillyness, you are cordully invited to add them in you comments. If any one noticed that I have a feature that show were I get my visits from it also show where I go to visit,I say this on Kelly site(drifrwoodanssanddollars)and I thought that it was really neat so I added it to my site as well.Like I said sillyness anf haveing fun that is what life is all about.I am bound and determined to have as much fun as I can.Despite the medical problems that I have,even if it means going visiting via the blogger site or via the internet.
I love going to the virtual museums that the different museum websites have.One such is the Chacgo museum of science and industry,I love exploring the U-505. For those who do not know of this submarien here is a short version of it the U-505 was the last warship that the USA captured on the high seas since the war of 1812.
Hugs and Blessing all around.Mike

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  1. Hey Mike, I posted some of my silliness today too. A personality quirk of mine. I saw all the comments from you blog-look change. I like the new changes too. I am sitting here at the computer, listening to my son and his Dad say their prayers together. Very sweet. God is good, isn\’t he? Thanks for your prayers for Erin, the young girl that was so sick lsited on Brandy\’s blog. I\’ve noticed you rarely complain about your own health Mike. You always sound so positive – except when customer service makes you mad!!! :). I\’ll keep you in my prayers! Have a nice weekend and tell Mrs. G I said hello! Jennifer

  2. Jennifer,well if I really got going on how I feel that it would just end up being a giant pity party on my part and I refuse to do that.I do battle depression and there a lot of day when I slam a dulicmer cd in the computer to listen to to keep my spirits up.I wish I could play my dulicmer but I will have to start all over again from the begginig.I cannot remember what I learned.I guess the seizures have scrambled my brain and I just have to start from scratch again.Oh well I have done that before.

  3. Hey burnout,that is good if I had cable I\’d be watching the cartoon chanel,for one thing,and the history,the discovery You get the picture.

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