Day: February 25, 2008

Let’s play tag

I got tagged By Hope at and I thought that I try it my self. here are seven weird or ramdom things about me1) I like Hammered Dulicmer music.2)I have an great scense of humor most of the time.3) I’m a stay at… Continue Reading “Let’s play tag”

With thanks to Samantha

Samantha at the corner of insanity and chaos has the serenity prayer posted on her site.That made me think since I use the Serenity prayer daily that I should have it on my site as well.Thank you Samantha for reminding me of what is… Continue Reading “With thanks to Samantha”

Monday music

Well it is another Monday.and while stiing here blogging and visiting the blogs that I like to visit.I’m endulging in listening to one of my favorite things to listen to.Yes it is Hammered dulicmer music! The CD that I’m currently listening to is A… Continue Reading “Monday music”

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