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In The Just for the fun of it.

In the Just for fun Catagory I’ve added 2 widgets that I got from HERE you can add them to your blog as well if you choose to.

A great video.

I was doing some traveling and I ran across this video.It is featured on Jamie’s Site for Blog Blast for peace. it is so cool I just had to post it here.I had to.

things are getting better.

As the preceding video shows I’m getting better and feeling a little on the silly side again!

I hope that you enjoy this one


wacky wednesday

With Thanks to Crabby blogging lady for this one.

I’m not driving.

just because I wanted to!

Something to think about! (post # 1,001)

While I always agree that hunting is an ethical God given right, I think that I would have to agree with the author on this one… Fox hunting in Colorado should be banned!Please help ban fox hunting in Colorado ~ THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!!Signed,Peter… Continue Reading “Something to think about! (post # 1,001)”


I bet every one has benn here a time or two.

just a thought.

I know that I have posted a couple of Prayer requests.I cannot help it.when I see the need for a prayer I will post it. God knows we all need some help now and than. I know I have had some rants about how… Continue Reading “just a thought.”

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