Month: January 2008

happy days

A happy day is when you don’t feel super down as I do a lot of times(being bipolar does that)I have a great circle of friends and family and that is counting the internet friends that I have found via the blog sites!

Note to self.

Mikey,you should try to answer the comments that are left for you by others as you have seen done on other sites.That way if the visitors stop back by they will see that you treasure their remarks.just a thought,Mikey.

an Update on my MIL

well a visiting nurse was at my Mil’s house today.My wife was there and the nurse said that some of her problems were caused by a build up of one of her medications,dioxin.The medication was becoming toxic to her since she had a big… Continue Reading “an Update on my MIL”

now that I got that out of my system.

Now let me say this about my internet provider,I enjoy the mail service.I enjoy being able to listen to the kind of music that I like and have some control as to what is played.I have several email accounts for the heck of it.I… Continue Reading “now that I got that out of my system.”

Warning,warning Will Robinson a diatribe is comming

With No Appolgies to the show “Lost in Spacs” As the title says :I”m climbing on my soap box.I have my dsl through the AT&T,they have “free”anti virus protection,but they made is so I needed to add more RAM to my computer come to… Continue Reading “Warning,warning Will Robinson a diatribe is comming”

a spot to go

I’m going to add a spot or two sometimes to check out such as the picture of the day.Here is how to get there: hope you like it,MikeNote I had transposed two letters and have corrected the link.Lets hope to works now.Sorry about… Continue Reading “a spot to go”

Its Just another Manic Monday.

With no appoligies to the singer of this song “Just another Manic Monday” Se here we go again it is monday and yesterday was not so good I had several seizures,so far to day I doing Ok.My mother in law is not foing so… Continue Reading “Its Just another Manic Monday.”

update on MIL

-As I had posted my MIL is home but is still verry weak and needs a walker jut to get around the house.I do hope that she will improve and I need all the prayers that can be given.


My mother-in law is coming home today.they are not quite sure what is wrong with her they did give her a transfusion but part of the transfusion ended up on the floor. I’m beginning to think that the staff where she is at just… Continue Reading “My MIL”

My mother in law.

My mother in law is improveing,to the point that she may be home in a day or two.I thank all of you that have kept her in your prayers.

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