Day: February 16, 2008

a silly stat.

counting this one I only have to post an other 313 posts before december 20,2008 and I will have made 356 posting with in one year,not bad for a newbe.if I do say so.I may have even written 30 posts on this blog in… Continue Reading “a silly stat.”

Paying homage to one of my late freinds.

I just remembered that I left a comment on a site called the hourseshoeinghousewife.her nick name is mikey.wich brings me to why I’m writeing this.I used to have a supervison at the sherriff’s department where I was a corrections officer.we would start out our… Continue Reading “Paying homage to one of my late freinds.”

warning,warning a rant is comming

well folks I have aluded to,in the past.They have changed the format on what can and cannot be submitted they had even promised that the archives could be accessable,they lied when you go to the archives you donot get to see the archives.When… Continue Reading “warning,warning a rant is comming”

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