the election rant.

Soon the primearys will be over.the both parties will have their nominees for president.The the real back biting,snipeing and downright dirty tricks will be appearing.Especially if mr Karl Rove gets involved in the republican race as he did with the current president.

I will aslo be glad when the electios will be over for the national and local races,I’m so sick and tiered of the “Vote for me I’ll set free” adds that are being run on the television right my particular congressional district I will be glad if a certain congressman get defeated in the primary.He seems to think that he had a chance in hell of getting the democratic presidential nomination.When he has been running in the past elections as he has done in this one as well he has forgotten the members of his district,and if he was willing to help the people that asked of his help it would seem if you are not a contrubitor to his campaines,he turned a deaf ear to you.he did that when he was a councilman as well.he even bankrupted the city that he was mayor in.
He keeps beating his chest that he saved so many things in Cleveland. He saved two hospitals from closeing well that have closed down after he “saved”them.He saved one of the steelmill plants here in cleveland he saved that one so well that the location is now a shopping mall.(steelyard Commons) My late father hald a saying just keep the ones in office you know what kind of people they are you don’t know about the new fellow.

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  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.As for the upcoming elections…. At this point in the game most people have already decided who that are going to cast their vote for. There is no point in getting into those name calling..I\’M TELLIN ON YOU games that they play. It isn\’t going to change anyones mind. Give a politition a stick though and they will beat the dead horse anyway.

  2. I know what you mean about the elections. But there is still a big part of me that loves being involved and thinking that my vote really means somthing. I guess I\’m still a romantic about the system.

  3. Hey Mike:I got your last 3 comments, and have been racking my brain about the, “Lookin Goooood”, saying, I just don’t know! And as far as the bear info, that’s just a generality, you never know you might be on a TV show one day and the answer to that question could just win you the $64,000….*S*… And our place? We both love it and its location. We filtered through a lot of possible places and a lot of miles before deciding on this one. We’re both glad we made this choice! You have a good day……….JD

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I understand your want for the elections to be over. I am pretty sick of all the commercials and commentary regarding them myself. Glad you are also feeling better.Nice blog btw.Blessings,Mysti

  5. Mike,Although I am very interested in following the elections, I know what you mean. By the time New Hampshire\’s primary took place, I was more than ready for it to be over. For me it was the phone calls. For some reason, the Ron Paul campaign felt they needed to call me two or three times a week, sometimes two or three times a day with their recordings of Ron Paul making his pitch. It became a joke around the house when the phone rang either my husband or I would shout out,\”Tell Ron I\’m not home!\” LOLI hope you have a great weekend!Tina

  6. thank you one and all for stopping by.Jo as I said in my rant,things have to change when will be see no more mud slinging???Professor J. I would like to think my vote counts as well,that\’s why I vote absentee now.J.D. I swiped the remark from a T.V. show.As far as the bear well we all know that those body functions have to be done.Mysti,thanks for the well wishes and the remark about likeing my site,I had changed it from the generic one they give you when you start blogging,and decided to get a little adventurous,Besides I like lighthouses,and other things.Tina I\’m so glad for two things that I have an unlisted phone number and the donot call list I think we got a total of 1 election call,and I told the person that I was not a pert of that political party and to put me on their donot call list,and have not been bothered since.Lucky Me!

  7. #2525 this is quite true but would it be nice if there was such a thing as truth in advertising for politicians as well.

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