Day: August 4, 2009

the best thing so far.

As every on knows or should,I have been trying to lose weight.I started out on this journey weighing 311 lbs. today I have struck a new milestone. I am under 290 lbs,not by much I now weigh 288 lbs.I still have a long ways… Continue Reading “the best thing so far.”

well I done committed high treason.

well folks I did what I said that I never would do.I done committed high treason,I went and bought a new car that is not an American car. We bought ourselves a Honda Fit.We were not happy with the room of the higher mileage… Continue Reading “well I done committed high treason.”

A long day here at Golch Central.

Celestine and I went to look at a new car today.I knew that I was in for a bad day just because I got up to go the the bathroom this morning about 7:00 am and I had a seizure right after I fell… Continue Reading “A long day here at Golch Central.”

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