well I done committed high treason.

well folks I did what I said that I never would do.I done committed high treason,I went and bought a new car that is not an American car. We bought ourselves a Honda Fit.We were not happy with the room of the higher mileage American cars.I did not fit(pardon the pun) into them.
so we ended up buying the Honda Fit. it has a surprising amount of room in especially when you have a large torso as I do.My Late Dad and I stood eye to eye.His height was from his long legs(36″ inseam) and that gave him his height. My height is in my torso.I have short legs (30″ inseam).
Imagine to my surprise that the fit had more head room that of the Pontiac Vibe or the Chevy Cobalt.
We do not like Dodge or Chrysler. and The Fords we looked at did not fit the bill as well.
so forgive me America,I just had to go with something that was right for our wallets.

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  1. Congrats on your new vehicle. From what I hear, it doesn't matter who you buy from. They all have some American parts and other things are made overseas.

  2. oh Mike really you haven't hurt America's economy at all by doing this.Honda has a great many plants over here and employs hundreds if not thousands of american workers.I know because Walter has hauled for Honda before. Oh i do so hope others will stop hoarding and spend what they can.If not, we are never going to get our economy rolling again.Walter's income is almost 1/3 this year compared to last. But, even so we are trying as much as we can to keep contributing and spending.We know it's a gamble but we refuse to give up on the spirit of America and our ability to always rise above as a nation!Congratulations on your car. I loved my Honda Civic and am very sorry I ever sold it!!Now I am off for a little rest!!hugs,Jackie:-)

  3. I take it you didn't get my email about the amish buggy I had and the 25 year old mare Samuel that came with it.tsk tsk:)

  4. Mari,Thank you for that.Wanda's wings,I shoud have the car in a day or two.The dealer had to track down the car anf get it sent to them from a different dealer's lot.Shinade,this is the first non-American car that I have ever bought.A Stich In Thyme,dope did not get that one.

  5. Congratulations on your new car. We have a Honda Ridgeline and just bought the granddaughter a Honda Civic Sport. Honda is a great vehicle. I drive a Mercedes. Why? Because I wanted to. It's all about what fits for you.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  6. If the damned auto makers here would pay more attention to what the public REALLY wants, they'd never have to worry about foreign competition and never resort to bailouts. And it isn't just them either, the stinking unions are a part of the problem also. Sorry, bit touchy on this topic.

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