Month: September 2009

meet the new guy.

Say Hello to the new guy, its a Brother all in one model # MFC-490CW. I’m still learning how to use all the fancy stuff, but at least I have a printer now.

goodby to this.

this thing bit the dust last night.I had thought about attaching a funeral durge along with this but that may have been going over board.

when in the hell will this ASSINE stuff GONNA stop?????!!!!!!!

Now why in the hell are these children pictured as giving the Nazi salute. When in the hell will people stop the damn shit.As the next picture shows until any President no matter what party does as this insane monster did than stop calling… Continue Reading “when in the hell will this ASSINE stuff GONNA stop?????!!!!!!!”

AWWW Monday

The meaning of "TAPS"

If any of you have ever been to a militaryfuneral in which taps was played;this brings out a new meaning of it. Here is something Every American should know. Until I read this, I didn’t know, but I checked it out and it’s true:  We in the  United States  have all… Continue Reading “The meaning of "TAPS"”


Implementation of sponsor ads program postponed until Oct. 5 Written on September 27th, 2009 by Cindy Hello Entrecarders,We just wanted to update everyone that the sponsor ads will be postponed for another week, until Oct. 5, 2009. When it is implemented, users will have… Continue Reading “ENTRE CARD RANT #2”

The rules:Remove participant number 1 from the list. Move all participates up 1 level. Who was number 2 becomes number 1, number 3 becomes number 2, and so on. Then insert your own link at the bottom (number 10).1)Juragan Jengkol Menuntut Balas2)Cilpilicious 3)Enno4)boodee5)Woel6)Lyla7)Mr. D… Continue Reading “”

Testing the new fangled post editor.(All the Photos will be seen on 7Dec09)

These are amazing photos! Photos taken on 7 December 1941, but not developed until 2009. The camera was the old Brownie camera like my Mother used over 70 years ago…The photos are unbelievable… Isn’t is amazing how a film could last so long in… Continue Reading “Testing the new fangled post editor.(All the Photos will be seen on 7Dec09)”

An Award X2

Jackie,thank you. Sandee,thank you as wellthis one is for every commentor this week.

A great prayer

A Stich in Thyme had this posted and I decided to post it as well.Heavenly Father,Humbly I ask for you to watch over the infirm, guide the confused and give peace to those in turmoil. I thank you Father for my sobriety for without… Continue Reading “A great prayer”

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