Day: August 9, 2009

My Top Entre Card Droppers

Dropper # of dropsMy Meme Mania 31 My Reflections and Impressions 31 MakesYouLaugh 31 31 A Simple Life 31 Your Fun Family 31 Mommy’s Little Corner 31 sound of a soft breath 31 Life’s sweets and spices 31 Symphony of Love 31 My… Continue Reading “My Top Entre Card Droppers”

Prayer Request.

Please keep the people and their families that died in the collision between the Piper airplane and the sightseeing helicopter crash today in New York.In your prayers,may God comfort them.

the latests one.

With my thanks to KAT for this award.I know that I’m supposed to give this to 6 bloggers,well unfortunalty I know way to many bloggers that deserve this in the rules are thrown out and every regular commentors get this one.

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