A long day here at Golch Central.

Celestine and I went to look at a new car today.I knew that I was in for a bad day just because I got up to go the the bathroom this morning about 7:00 am and I had a seizure right after I fell back asleep,and Have had several today as well.
so I am not staying up late tonight at all.I have my medications that I take at 11:00PM that it’s beddieby time for this gentlemen. so If Y”ll can keep me in your prayers I would be very greatful.

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  1. You've always been in my prayers Mike. I hope I'm in yours too.Get lots of good rest and sleep Mike. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Mike, I hope that you will be okay. I posted about blessings today after your suggestion. Thanks!

  3. You betcha Mike. I'll expand that prayer to watch over all my blog friends as well. Take care and see you in action tomorrow.

  4. Syd,I'll be over to check out you posting.A Stich In Thyme,thank you for adding all your blog friends as well.Mari,I posted this just before I went to bed.

  5. Mike i am so sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. I hope that today will be a better one. I will keep you in my prayers my friend. Hugs.

  6. I hope the seizures settle down Mike and you're able to get a good sleep. You'll be in my prayers.

  7. Mike,I'm a bit late getting over, but continue to pray for you, as always. I'm wishing you a good day today, my friend.Blessings,Mary

  8. Oh Mike please please do take care of your self. Of course you are always in my prayers and I am concerned for you.Please,please….take a little time and get some rest!!My arthritis and my satellites are both acting up today. So I am headed for a little rest myself.But, I simply had to drop over and check on you first and also say thank you for adding me.Big big hugs always and ever!!Jackie

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