Day: August 1, 2009

springfields-silver threads and golden needles

Cash For Clunkers

from what I can tell the cash for clunkers is a big you old car or truck get 18 miles per gal. you go to the dealership and can buy a new car or truck if it gets better milage than you old… Continue Reading “Cash For Clunkers”

FYI about the seizures that I have

On the posting called just a quicky,I remember writing the post up to the point where I said that I cannot.the rest of it I do not remember nor do I remember posting it and turning off the computer,and monitor.The next thing that I… Continue Reading “FYI about the seizures that I have”

Man was I having a bad time.

I woke up from my nap,had dinner than watched a T.V. program.I just turend this computer back on and saw the last post that I did.The bad part is I donot remember doing the last part of the post nor publishing it.I now know… Continue Reading “Man was I having a bad time.”

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