the best thing so far.

As every on knows or should,I have been trying to lose weight.I started out on this journey weighing 311 lbs. today I have struck a new milestone. I am under 290 lbs,not by much I now weigh 288 lbs.I still have a long ways to go to get down to the “ideal” weight that the Dr. would like to see me at.

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  1. Nice going Mike! I'm trying to lose too. I've lost 25, but am at a standstill.

  2. Mari,I know what you mean.The bad part is when I get frustrated and or really upset about something than the binging starts.

  3. Mike, Don't underestimate the power of loosing 2 lbs. I lost 7lbs without realizing it just by cutting back on strawberry shortcakes which is something my hubs and I adore eating. I've gone back to eating my popsicles. They are low in calories & satisfy my need to eat. I don't eat enough for my weight but my meds add pounds. I'm with you in the weight loss. Keep at it and remember to give yourself credit when it's due!! 🙂

  4. Good for you Mike. It's lost weight and that's always a good thing. Congratulations.Have a terrific day. Big hug. 🙂

  5. WOW. I think that's cool. Someone told me once, inch by inch it's a cinch; yard by yard it's hard. I kicked a drug addiction, and an eating disorder. You can win your battle, one shaky step at a time. I'm am so routing for you. Sarah

  6. I could lose that much weight if I had an enema. Not that I'm full of anything, mind you. I'm just saying…Good job, Mike.

  7. I always feel amaze with losing weight efforts, because I often frustrated when in one point the scale doesn't want to go down again, it seems stuck. I see many people support you and I believe you can do it, good luck 🙂

  8. Turisuna,Thank you.Syd,I'm just plugging along I have not set a total weight goal If I did that I would be setting myself up for failure.I've done that way too many times in the past,but than again there is one failure that is a good thing.

  9. Grandy,when I get farther along in my quest and I get rid of the donelapsI might even post a photo of my self.

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