Day: July 24, 2009

"nough said!

With my Thanks to Kate for this one!(#1019)

And Now to open a new can of worms.

I normally do not get in the middle of the political debates about which side is the right side.The radical Righties and the Loonie Leftys are having a field day with each other,and the country are the ones caught in the middle.way too may… Continue Reading “And Now to open a new can of worms.”

A powerful message.

in keeping with my past practices of occasionally posting about a powerful posting on a fellow bloggers site,I found one that SYD has posted.there are parts of this message that any one can relate to if they chose to.So that is why I posting… Continue Reading “A powerful message.”

Interview with Grace Slick She is still off the wall.

IRON BUTTERFLY Friday flashback. Lets hope that is does not take 2 days to pst as the LED Sheep did.

the very latest.

Thnak you Sandee for this one. I’m giving to to all my special people who visit me here at Golch Central.Enjoy the award. 1014 and counting.

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