Interview with Grace Slick

She is still off the wall.

6 Comments on “Interview with Grace Slick

  1. When I read that she ate her placentas, I decided that she had gone \”wolf\”.

  2. You know I have always liked Grace Slick, off the wall or not. I remember seeing Jefferson Starship in the summer of 1975 in NY in Central Park. Cut school that day and we all went to the free concert. Talk about dope-heads. I can only remember them playing and singing Volunteers. Oddly enough I pray for her and Keith Richards to find the Lord! Both would be great spoke persons. Keith…. we would have to work a bit on his diction. ­čśë

  3. Just Be Real,believe it onr notin the late 60's and early 70's I was one of the dope heads running around.dopin and drinkin that was me. I quite the dopin when I got married the first time,the drinkin when I was home was under control,away on a TDY the drink was off and running.

  4. My favorite thing about Grace is she doesn't give a rats patootie what others think. I mean she listens, but then goes and does HER thing the way she sees it. I love individualism like that. She is very strong woman in every way.

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