"nough said!

With my Thanks to Kate for this one!

8 Comments on “"nough said!

  1. LOL! I think that they should have thought it out a bit more. But I fell to sleep on the Pres. address on health care. Health care for all is needed. I had to go to E.R. for a stupid ex-ray. No fun!

  2. Exactly Mike. Exactly. Right on the money. If they had to do the same as the rest do it would be a great plan. Excellent Mike.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  3. A.I.R.that is the problem.The thing that the anti- helath care crowd does not realze that that are paying through the nose for the uninsured.Sandee,I saw this on someone's blog and decided to out this up on my blog as well.S.St. Nick,I 'm glad you like the noow look of Golch Central.

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