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Awww…Mondays Participants 1. bethere2day2. Jodi’s Journey3. Awww Mondays4. Mike Golch5. Nancy at Ollie McKay’s 6. business ideas7. LUCKY LADY8. Mari9. Wanda’s Wings10. Traveling Bells 11. Rose12. healthy society13. business opportunities14. Tyna15. embunpagi Learn more about Awww…Mondays here.View More Awww…Mondays ParticipantsGet The Code Powered by…… Continue Reading “Awww…Monday”

My Newest Award

Sandee of Comedy Plus fame has bestowed me with the OVERLORD Award. Here are Sandee’s awardees Mike Golch of Golch Central’s Rambling StuffMike G. of Mike’s PlaceSteve of bethere2dayMarg of Margs PetsWilliam Wallace of London is Cool As with most awards this honor comes… Continue Reading “My Newest Award”

My latest award.

Sandee, of Comedy Plus fame is giving out this great award!! She is giving it to a lot of People and I am doing this the same way.every one who is on my Follow List and those that follow me is getting it.That includes… Continue Reading “My latest award.”

My newest one.

I just got his award. I made it a little larger that than it is but what the heck it’s my blog. The rules:  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award       1.Share 7 things about your self      … Continue Reading “My newest one.”

My Newest award.

I just got me this Great award from  my blog friend Ana. Now let’s give this away!First one that get this is Ana over at HELLA HEAVEN Next is Sandee over at COMEDY PLUSthe remaining awardees are all the blogs that I follow for they… Continue Reading “My Newest award.”

new award

I got this award from DORI Here are the rules for the award.a blog with substance award rulesThe rules are:1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award.2) Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation,& experience using ten words.3) Pass the award on to ten… Continue Reading “new award”

An Award

I got this from Sandee a couple of weeks ago, there was some questions that go with this award and I’m sorry I lost those. Sorry Sandee.

my newest award

Wth my thanks to SITKA over at All God’s Creatures. I’m giving this away the same way I got it. Here’s “the rules” according to SITKA: There are lots of rules with many of these awards, but I don’t always follow human rules. You… Continue Reading “my newest award”

It’s award time again.

I just got this award from my friend Cliff. here is what he said about me and the award. Another first timer is Michael Golch. He gets the “Let’s add legs to our prayers” Top Banana. His blog is called Rambling Stuff aka Golch… Continue Reading “It’s award time again.”


How lucky can one person be. First I recieved this from Wanda’s Wings. Than ‘Tart gave it to me and Sandee gave me this as well. This time around I giving this to every one who has done something special for someone else.because that… Continue Reading “Award.”

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