Day: July 5, 2009

man I screwed this up.

so much for trying to import a new blog format.Now I lost some stuff that I wanted to keep.Can I get some one to proverbial plant their foot in a certain part of my anatomy??

forgive the missing stuff.REWORKING BLOG.

I AM RE WORKING THIS BLOG,THAT IS WHY IT IS SO BARE.BEAR WITH ME I WILL HAVE IT BACK TO THE WAY IS WAS SOON.THIS WILL BE THE LAST POST FOR A LITTLE BIT.jus to be on the safe side I’m importing this blog… Continue Reading “forgive the missing stuff.REWORKING BLOG.”

Prayers for Cliff.

I am asking for Prayers for Cliff and his family.Cliff’s brother Allen passed away today.Please say prayer for Cliff,his family,and Allen.A link has been provided to go and offer condolences.

Prayer requests:this is a two fold one

As the title say I have 2 Prayer request to make. the first on is for Tim,who is recovering from surgery. the second is from BK’s site,for Charmaine. Please go and visit poth sites and offer your sopport to these family.God Bless and Keep… Continue Reading “Prayer requests:this is a two fold one”

"Quiet Hour" by Chuck Girard (1975) For Just Be Real.