Day: July 20, 2009

Farm Lady and Her family need our prayers.

I was just doing my reader visits and saw that Farm Lady @Over Good Ground just lost her mother,Let’s keep her and her family in our prayers.

When yo gotta…you gotta.

as the saying goes,I just had to swipe something from Nick over at Nicksbytes. I found it funny and so here is the thing I swiped,and I’msending to one of my DRs as well::Welcome to the Psychiatric Hotline. * If you are obsessive-compulsive, please… Continue Reading “When yo gotta…you gotta.”


So much for blogger in draft.I had though that I had set the Aww…Monday to post first than the 1,000Th one.Oh well stuff happens. I have to give my thanks to AKELAMALU for telling me how to re-arrange the posts to be correct.At least… Continue Reading “OOPS!!!!!!”


As the say says the 1,000Th posting.My reflection of my past present and Future.Well folks here go the big milestone.One of the suggestions was to hold a virtual blog party,I would if I knew how.One of the other suggestiohs was to show how I… Continue Reading “My 1,000 th POSTING,A REFLECTION OF PAST,PRESENT AND FUTURE.”


I hope every one is having a great day today.this was supposed to be the 999Th posting.

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