Day: July 21, 2009

Parts of me.( I am not a Saint) or it’s the I ten T errors

I maybe sorry that I posted this one,but her it goes.As I have been traveling the great land of Blog,I have been sharing different parts of my life.there still is a bunch of stuff about me that maybe or maybe I have not posted… Continue Reading “Parts of me.( I am not a Saint) or it’s the I ten T errors”

A prayer request.

A prayer request was made by Mountain Woman; this the reply she left me on the Prayer Request for Kari’s Dad: Done Mike If you could add another to the prayer list, my dearest friend Chris’ Dad is in the hospital and having a… Continue Reading “A prayer request.”

Prayer request for Kari’s Dad.

Kari,is asking for prayers for her Dad he just found out that he has prostrate cancer.Let’s add her Dad to our prayers and follow the link to offer support.Thanks!

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