Month: June 2009

why me?

my computer was invaded by a virus pretending to be an anti-virus protection program.It may have gotten in via Facebook or twitter or something else. in any case I am withdrawing from Twitter and Facebook.I cannot go thru what I have gone thru today… Continue Reading “why me?”

I give up.

I just give up.I tried to follow everything step by step and still I screwed it up.I do not know if I was just missing something or the directions were missing a step.I just could not git it therefore I will not be… Continue Reading “I give up.”

Prayer request

Emergency Prayer Request Emergency Prayer Request Good Evening fellow bloggers and followers. I have an Emergency Prayer request. I received a text from Jacob at 1203 hours this afternoon. He knows I get out of church around 1200 hours. When I saw the time… Continue Reading “Prayer request”


I wish I knew more PT 2

One of the things I was doing wrong was the instruction I was trying to follow are not for Harbor,which is my current template. the instructions that I found for for a linited amount of templates such as:Denim,Dot,Rounders,Sand dollar,Thisaway and Scribe. I found these… Continue Reading “I wish I knew more PT 2”

Oh well stuff happens.

During the weekend I tried to post a video by Katrina and the Waves “I’m walking on sunshine”but could not.Darn it.

I wish I knew more that I do.

I was reading and trying to understand how to place your own flavicon icon on my blog.I just could not understand how to do that.Than the next thing I was reading how to do was create an extra sidebar,well I got lost trying to… Continue Reading “I wish I knew more that I do.”

changes in you Tube.

you tube is making some changes.I checked out the “new” way they are going to be doing thing.I mostly like it with one exception.when you click on the share button it will display the following:Myspace/facebook/twitter/digg/orkut/ and live spaces. what it does not show is… Continue Reading “changes in you Tube.”

Life is Great.

Life is great,my ribs are healing nicely.we had a pleasant day here in Cleveland.I got into a spirited debate with Dickster1961,on his blog and as well as what I said here.I have not done that in a while.This is why I love blogging.I truly… Continue Reading “Life is Great.”

A new Rant.

I saw where some one was blaming the new clear air/water act as bad for the economy.Horseshit!!!! the remark was that jobs are gonna suffer and the gas prices will rise even more.I went on a real diatribe in my remarks for that posting,and… Continue Reading “A new Rant.”

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