What’s Going On

for those who remember these turbulant times.

6 Comments on “What’s Going On

  1. Travis I\’m glad that you enjoyed the video,Jennifer,It would seem that the more things change they stay the same just with different people!

  2. What a poignant video. I love that song. I would have to agree that some things may change, but they stay the same with different people.

  3. Sandy C.I have loved this song ever sinse it came out,I especially like the use of the video pictures that were put together to this song.I just hope and pray that political assinations will end forever as a way of changeing the poliacl landscapes of the world.case in point what happened in Pakistan,what happened here with the deaths of President Kennedy,the Rev.Dr.King and Senitor Bobby Kennendy.Capt.Corky it would be nice if the turbulant times would ned,but as long as people disagree and use violence as a way of trying to change thins the turblence will always cintinue.

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