something to think about

I saw something at that really speaks volumes to me. and you know what every whom the eras mentioned can relate as well.

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  1. Hi Mike,I\’m glad you liked my post today and it\’s cool to provide a link here to that post, but my blog is http://smallreflections.blogspot.comand the link you have takes you someplace else. Here\’s the link to the actual post on my blog that you can put in place of the one you have in your post if you edit it. Thanks again for dropping by and for thinking my post worthy of sharing with your readers.Hugs and blessings,As an experiment, I\’m going to try out something Hootin\’ Anni was telling me about and see if I can leave a clickable link here in comments if you don\’t mind.SmallReflections

  2. Whoo Hoo!!! It works!!! I\’ve just learned how to do something new. How cool is that?Anyway … if you click on the link YOU left and the link I left, you\’ll wind up in different places ;–)The difference is \’blogspot\’ between the \’smallreflections\’ and the \’dot com\’Hugs and blessings,

  3. LOL! I loved Storyteller\’s post today too ­čÖé Some of those things listed really brought me back!

  4. well the thing I like about her post was that i remember all of those things.The cars were made of steel and not the tin and plastics that the cars of today are made of.thosr cars were built like tanks,it took a lot to wreck one.My ex and I had a 60 Dodge Phoenixand it was rear ended,the tail light was slightly bent down and the bumper was slightly pused in,the car that hit ours was a newer car and it was a TOTOL lose,it was that smashed up.

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