for those who remember High Flight is was used as a sign off when television stations ended ther broadcast day.Now they stay on 24/7

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  1. Mike, I\’ve read through your posts and I think I am caught up. I can\’t turn my back on you for a day or two cause you will have umpteen posts that I haven\’t read when I get back!!! I enjoy your blog! Jennifer

  2. Jennifer I feel that same about the different bloggers that I visiting,that is why my blog roll is so long.

  3. Hi, I am visiting you back. Thanks for stopping by. I watched the u-tube video.I love this poem. I love watching jets in flight.I moved from Colorado when I was 13 so I didn\’t get to see this particular sign off before. I remember, back in the day of the blue snow, waking up on the couch to the national anthem playing or the sound of static. Oh, the memories.

  4. Mike,I am old enough to remember this sign-off. I\’d forgotten all about it until I saw your post. It brings back great memories.Claudia

  5. Jennifer,I am glad that you enjoy my posts.You are welcome to stopby any time.Christine,I\’m glad that you enjoyed the Video.I have a couple other videos posted as well you will just have check the older posts.I also remember that some of the stations signed off useing the Nation Anthem.Sarge,thanks for stopping by,I hope that you had time to read some of the other blogs and see the the two other videos that I hvae on this site.Claudia,there are several versions of high flight on the internet,I may sometime post some of those as well.

  6. Mike,That is a beautiful video! I\’ve never seen it before although I am plenty old enough to remember when TV stations signed off for the night. Thanks for sharing it!Tina

  7. Tina,the original one had an F-104 fighter that the USAF made for the television stations.That one unfortunaly is not available on you tube.So I went with the next best thing.

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