Feast or Famine

I guess with me it is feast or famine,there are days that I’m so prolific that it scares me.that I’ll go a day or more and cannot think of one thing to say.the life of a “writer”

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  1. That\’s the cool thing about the bloggosphere…it\’s there when you want it and it won\’t go anywhere if you take a few days away.

  2. I love the photo of the dulcimer–gorgeous! And I get that way, too, about blogging–I roll along, and then, boom, I hit a wall and nothing comes out for what seems like ages.

  3. Good Afternoon Mike,I am far from being a writer like most people are, but I do just write about the happenings in my everyday life with our girls and when my DH is at home. Somedays there\’s not much to blog about and other days there are. Do like Captain Corky said, just go with the flow. I remember the High Flight years ago when t.v. stations would go off the air. Times have truly changed huh? I posted about the missing girl on my post today. It is such a sad thing to even think about something like that. I hate that one of your blogging friends has decided to call it quits. Maybe she just needed a long break and will come back again. I know it saddens me when I get used to visiting someone and they decide to leave or go on a break. I do miss them, but I don\’t question their doings tho. I guess they have their own reasons for doing things. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  4. Deena,How verry true.One thing I know is that when you write from the hearth things flow when they flow.

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