another prayer request.

I was on the today and I saw a prayer request for a missing child.I respectfully request that you use this link and go offer moral support as well as keeping the young girl in your prayers. i know that in my blogs I sometimes come across as an individual that is not caring,well as far as my political views I’m guilty as charged.When it comes for prayer requests for an ill person,a missing person or,a person that has passed away.That is a whole new Ballgame. I truly do care about these.

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  1. Mike,I just read your comment on my post on Helen Steiner Rice\’s poem \”show me the way\”, you are right = God is not through with any of us yet…He is still working on us to bring us to His will…Blessings,Mimi

  2. Mimi,as you saw in my posting,this is something that I feel that I have to do. And,yes if is my true belief that He is never through with us untill He calls us home.Then he is done and welcomes us home.I Just cannot help saying this one!\”that\’s my story and I\’m sticking to it!\”

  3. Mike I went by there and it breaks my heart for that mother. I pray that God will send her daughter home. Jennifer

  4. You hate to see young people sick and to have them passaway is just tough.Not being a parent myself I canno t even think how it would be to lose your child.besides the children are supposed to bury their parents not the other way around,except if the child is serving in the military,and has to lay their life down.

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