saying Goodby

Today I took down a bloggers link,she in her last blog called swan song said that she was through blogging. for those that do not know what I’m talking about here it the link that I took off the blog roll: this way you can go and read her last entry.
One of my comments say it so,the following one was where I said goodby to her.She will be missed by me.

3 Comments on “saying Goodby

  1. Unfortunately things change,even you some day may say tha\’t all folk\’ is a way of life.

  2. You are too sweet, Mike! It is not goodbye, just \”see ya later\” because I plan to keep reading your blog and commenting. ((hugs))Mallory

  3. Mallory,I look forward to your visits.If I ever shut downmy blog it will be for the simple reason that I cannot do it any more,as far as family goes if they donot approve of what I say than they have the right not to visit my site,it will be no skin off my nose.

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