the saturday snow job./remembering some of my friends.

well it has been snowing since yesterday and it looks like we will end up with almost 20 inches of new snow when all is said and done.That’s why I titled this blog the “Snow Job” I’m so glad that we do not have to remove the snow ourselves,that is why we bought our condo in the first place.we may have to clean our stoop off and touch up the drive and put down ice melt,but it sure beats shoveling all this stuff! The winter storm warring we are under is set to expire at 4:00 am on Sunday morning.
Of course I could take the same attitude as my late friend Al (madman)Madan used to say,”God put it and he can take it away” Al and I were corrections officers with the Sheriffs dept.Some of my other friends were the Bohanic brothers. There were 3 of them,(cpl)Ron was a supervisor. Bill (billbo)and I worked on the 8Th floor together he was a great fan of the hobbits of JRR Tolkien,and the third brother who’s name escapes me now.After all I left the department in 1995.
There are a lot of co-workers and a whole list of characters that were fun to work with.Some of my friends/co-workers have gone on to become police officers,Deputies,and other professions.
I can think of two people in particular the I’d like to say Cpl.Robinson (who was one of my supervisors.) left to go the the Brookpark police dept. Bobby Clark left and ultimately became a Cleveland Police officer that was killed in the line of duty. Someone else I’d like to talk about was my late friend/supervisor Cpl.Lou Pontikos,he was a great man who had a big heart,he was the kind of guy that you would walk into hell with willingly.Him and I always started the day off the same way,he walk into the control room and say”Hey Mikey How are ya?” I”d than reply “Hey Louie fine thanks for askin” He died of a heart attack while on duty,as I had to watch helplessly from the control room. I worked the different floor control rooms.I was good at my job so I was assigned to work the control room.

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  1. Hey Mike….Corrections, eh? I used to work \”Special Services\” with the Hospitals and the Police. I was called in for suicide watch and to essentailly disengage the captive audience from their anger. I have fond memories of the Officers that I met in the nearby city. The Police in the town that I live were pure gorillas and would not call for my services as they didn\’t always want wittnesses to their own brand of intervention.

  2. Tim,before I became a corrections officer I had worked as a security guard for a couple of different companies.One company has a hospital that had a mental health facility attached to the hospital that houses patients.One of my supervisors was a lt.who\’s nickname was \’Bob\”,at nightime we and the male orderlies woud resond to back up call when a patient got out of control.this refurs to any part of the hospital,when needed the operator would come and say\”mr.quite\”to such and such location.Most of the times if it was a M.H. call I\’d be on the other side of the hospital and I have go running to the other side to the backup call.If lt.Bob got there first He would say I got a 250lb gaurd comming and he don\’t like running here so wahy dont you settle down before he gets here.The doors to the Mh area had crashbars on the outsideof the doors for we could gain quick access.I would not even slow down I\’d hit the crashbar while running full speed and the door woud crash open,and that Bob would say i told you he was comming and by that time the person would usually settle down if not we would just tackle it pateint and that he or she would be sobdued by an time the doctor missed and one of our guards got the shot instead and spent the rest of the shift verry drowsey.

  3. Tina,there were a lot of good guys and gals that I had the pleasure of working with.But they were a cast of charaters no less,and I truely miss them to this day.I would not want to go back to the center though.

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