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I’m going to add a link about Baby Isabel http://isabelemry.blogspot.com/ this way you can check on her from my site.

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  1. Good Morning Mike,I\’ll be darned. I want to say something else, but I\’ll keep my mouth shut. I left a comment and blogger ate it. This makes the 3rd time this morning this has happened. Grrrr. I like your Dog picture you have. It\’s very cute. I will be praying ro Baby Isabel and praying that everything will be okay with her. That is such a nice thing you are doing in asking for prayers for her. In regards to you posting Political things, this is YOUR BLOG, and you have every right to post what you want to. If someone doesn\’t like what you post, then they can click on the X at the top right hand corner. I always enjoy reading what you post tho. I enjoyed your Meme and the saying. All I can say is AMEN. Gas Prices and Food Prices are just out of control these days. It sure makes it hard on us poor folks who barely live week to week. Last time I put gas in my vehicle, it was $3.09 for regular unleaded. I don\’t know what it is today. A Gallon of Milk is $4.00 a Gallon around here. I usually buy the off brand type and it\’s still $3.85 a gallon. We may have to do like they used to do in the days of yesteryear. We may have to go back to horse and buggy and growing and raising our own foods. It might even be a bit healthier as well. I put up a new post this morning. We FINALLY got our BIG SNOW. It started Snowing around 11:30a.m. and they let School out at 12:15p.m. My DH made it home from Memphis around 3:30p.m. Him and the girls tried making a Snowman, but the Snow was too wet. Maybe they can make one today. I don\’t think we will be moving today either. There is alot of Snow out there. I\’m guessing we got around 5 or 6 inches of Snow. It was still Snowing when I went to bed around 7:00p.m. Everyone is still sleeping but when my DH wakes up and looks outside, he will know if we will be able to move or not. I do have a fairly large drift outside my front door. If we don\’t move, I\’m going to put my new camera to good use and take some pictures of our Snow. I will then share them tomorrow. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Sorry for a long comment.Hugs,Karen H.

  2. Karen,I will always speak my mind,those wo donot agree with is fine they have a right to post that disagreement.As far as posting links to sites that ask for prayers i will do that as well,I believe that we all need moral support at least once in our lives and by posting what I post lends moral support,that I will do just that.Tinait is the least that I can do.I will always treasure a person, and one who is hurting for what ever reason and by posting a prayer request,helps that I will do just that.After all we are all God\’s children no matter who we or how we call God,God.I.E Allah and the host of other dieties.

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