Cat nap interuptus

I caught Harvey,my cat trying to take a nap.Note he crawls into the blanket himself. He woke up just as I was getting to take this pic.

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  1. My cat, Mr Tucker, goes for the covers whenever people come over. Or if he thinks I\’m going to put him in the cat carrier and take him somewhere.He\’s a big old spook!

  2. I hope Harvey is not too upset at getting woke up from a comfy nap. Just checking on you Mike, wondering if you ae snowed in? I saw Ohio on the news this evening…WOW! We got about 8 inches, nothing like you. Stay warm and cozy!

  3. Hey Harvey, next time you put a \”do not disturb\” sign. Do yourself a favor heheh :-)Just peekin here Mike. Hope everythin is great with you and your family. \’Til my next visit my friend.

  4. Greatfulliving,yes we got a heck of a lot more smow.I tnink the total was close to or excedded 20\” in some places.So we stayed in sat and will stay in today(sunday)as well.Loannah,I think it was only fair that i interupted his nap he jumps one when I\’m takeing a nap and that wakes me fairs fair.

  5. Hi Mike~Harvey is so cute! Our cat, Truffles get\’s under our covers everynite, right between hubby and I. She DEMANDS to snuggle there and will scratch the covers until we let her in. She is so funny. You are sure getting a LOT of snow…yikes! We just got dumped with 4 inches of rain, but today is beautiful and a new day… sun is shining and sky is blue. have a great day, Mike!Ruth

  6. Good Afternoon Mike,Harvey looks like he ain\’t happy in the picture. LOL. I wonder why? LOL. I know I hate being woken up from a nap. My DH did that to me late yesterday afternoon taking pictures of me while I was napping. The flash is what woke me up. I hope you were able to get you a nap. How much Snow did yall end up with after all was said and done? I seen on The Weather Channel where Cleveland got hit really bad. Most of our Snow melted yesterday but there is still some out there today. There is more melting going on as it\’s 53 degrees right now. We are to be in the 60\’s by mid-week. I posted some pictures of our girls out in the Snow yesterday. I took the first picture of the girls and then my DH took the camera away and hogged it the rest of the day. You would have thought he was a little boy opening a toy on Christmas morning. LOL. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

  7. Holly,Harvey has a routine at night that is when he wamts to play fetch with his mouse,my BH has to throw in to the haal from our bedroom,he will run to get and that bring it back to be thrown again.Then during the morning hours is when he will want under the covers,and snuggles with the BH.Karen H,we got 20 inches in some parts of the the snow belt areas(that are the burbs and counties directly south and to the east of us,for those who donot live in the cleve area.)got some higher amounts.

  8. Oh for cute\’s sake! My cat likes to hide under blankets, too. I think she has some kind of super-secret breathing system.

  9. Hi, Mike! I love this picture! My Patches does the same thing – he just loves to get under blankets, and turn around and make his bed. Sparky is content to just lay down and sleep. Animals are so much fun! Take care of yourself and keep warm! That\’s a lot of snow you\’ve been having! I can\’t relate – we\’re already reaching 95 degrees today – whew!Chrissie

  10. Noelle,Yeh I think they do,Harvey,unfortunaly snores whe hes is under the covers.Chrissie, we had 3 at the time Harvey joined our family each one had a different part of our bed and slept with us.Tigger was a very shy girl and she would sleep between our pillows.BC would sleep on top of the BH,Harvey slept at the bottom of the bed on her side.RJ would sleep at the foot of the bed,so we would have to becareful when getting up to make our nature calls at night.Sandra,Yes he is cute,I just wish I had pics of the other cats and the silly things they used to do.

  11. Hey Mike! Adorable picture. We have 2 dogs, 2 cats and a lizard- Liz. Liz sleeps in her aquarium, one cat sleeps with us (Menou), the other is feral(Purrl) and lives in the basement- only comes up is she KNOWS the dogs are outside and all is quiet. Buddy- 15 yr old daschund sleeps in his own bed under his own blanket. Lucy the freakin\’ 82 pound lab, hogs the bed! When I get too cramped up, I banish her to her crate (happens about 1x per week). Hope all is well Mike! Hope the snow disappears relatively quickly w/o leaving floods in its wake.

  12. Sojourner,I hope that when the snow melts that it does not caues floods as well. Purrl sounds as timid as my Tigger was. When we had Cookie our shepard mix with us she would curl up into a ball and sleep in a wingback chair that was my Dad\’s that I took home for my use.

  13. Good Afternoon Mike,I just thought I would drop by and I noticed you haven\’t posted. I do hope things are okay with you and Celeste. I also hope that the Snow is melting up your way as well. We have been having an early Spring here this week. It is 62 degrees right now and I just turned my A/C on a bit ago. LOL. It is suppose to be around 70 degrees today and in the 70\’s tomorrow. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Hugs,Karen H.

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