suporting a candidate

Our President has finally gotten around to supporting John McCain for the Republican nomination,I guess he was waiting to see who was going to be the apparent winner then he would back that person.
On the Democratic side of things I’m still waiting to see who Dennis the Menace( It’s from his days as Mayor of Cleveland and that is what I called him than) is going to back,I bet he is waiting for a clear cut winner and that is who he will support.
Needles to say who ever gets the nods,I hope that No Big Business owns the candidates,or will it be business as usual no matter who is elected.Case in point the energy lobbyists are trying to stop tougher regulations to control emissions from the electric plants across America. They want the most profits and do not care who they cause health problems for.
Every thing stated here is my opinion,and as we all this is supposed to be a free country where every one is guaranteed freedom of speech/press.

2 Comments on “suporting a candidate

  1. Mike,There is no doubt about it. Our next president must be someone who can stand up against the businesses (& their lobbyists) that have no regard for the health of the people and the future of the earth!Tina

  2. Tina,quite true,I\’m afraid that it will be business as usual unless the president and congress get on the same page,but I doubt that will ever happen,too may are \”owned\” by some business,one way or the other.

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