I know that some of my postings are political

Before any one decides that they don’t what to visit my site again or pull me off their sites blog links,Please think of this,I’m doing these postings so that it gets people to stop for a minuite and do some thinking,thats all.I do not mean to step on anyones toes. If I have I truely am sorry for doeing so.Mike

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  1. Mike,I would never stop coming to visit just because of your political views. We each have the right to our own opinions and the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my cougar post. Michelle is having some problems, but not doing too badly. Sorry I haven\’t been by to visit. I have been down with some kind of flu bug and have still not regained my energy. Take care.Blessings,Mary

  2. You\’re a veteran. You\’ve \”paid your dues\” to speak your mind. Thanks to you and millions of other service people, we can enjoy and utilize the power of our First Amendment right. I don\’t think that you owe anyone any apologies.

  3. One of the reasons i like blogger land is because a person can meet all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs from all over the world. I like reading about the thoughts and ideas of others. I also believe in my right to have my own thoughts and beliefs, so why would i think another shouldn\’t? I enjoy reading and learning from others. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts in hopes that maybe someone will be enlightened from my own personal experiences.I have personally learned that there are people out there that will and do judge you for your thoughts and ideas. I have been judged on more then one occasion, and yes it hurt, but I think it is important to stand up for myself and my right to my thoughts. I understand you not wanting to offend others, I am the same way, but as i have found in my own life, one can not please everyone. There is always the chance that someone will be offended or hurt by what you think, just like there is someone out there that will learn something from reading your blog. I think you should keep on blogging your own ideas and thoughts, because you never know, it might enlighten another out there who is reading your blog.Blessings. Mysti

  4. endymion,this is true,we who all have served this Great country have paid our dues.There of course are some who paid those dues with a heavy price,their lives.mysti,This is why I like blogland as welll.I have read some of the blogs that have made me stop and think as well.and this is what I\’m going for on my site.There are some who\’s feathers get ruffled easly.such as my family gatherings.It seems that you are supposed to have the same ideas and if you don\’t keep your mouth shut.For this verry reason I have not told them about this blog.I don\’t need the grief.

  5. i like your opinion, mike, whether it gels with mine or not…keep on keepin\’ on…

  6. One of the great things about our society is you\’re entitled to your opinion and free to share it. Make no apologies for your ideas, Mike.

  7. Hi Michael! I \’love\’ politics so don\’t worry. ­čÖé I have a tag for you, grab it when you get the chance. Have a great day my friend!

  8. Hi Mike,Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I think our country needs to get back to \”In God We Trust\”. That\’s my opinion!Thank you for your prayers. I\’m doing a little better each day. It\’s a life style change and I have to learn that!Hugs,Hope

  9. Jess,that is the beauty of this country every one has a right to their opion and to voice it.Grandy,that is what makes our country the right to have opions,it would be sad it freedom of speech would ever be supressed as it had been in other countries at different times intheses centuries.Hope I\’m with you 100% the In God we trust needs to be in our goverenment,no where does it say wich God you have to believe in.there have been a vengful god to some religions,My God is a loveing careing God that wants us to be happy and most of all getting along No Matter what Religion,race,or even Political Ideas.

  10. Mike, I agree with everyone else, especially endymion. You served in the military. Your service made it where ALL of us have the freedom to voice our opinions! Thank you for your service!!! Jen

  11. Mike,I\’m sorry if there are bloggers who are not visiting your blog because of political differences. They are missing out. If we don\’t speak out on political issues, we are nothing more than sheep. I would rather have a disagreement than be part of a herd!!Tina

  12. Jennifer,I just of something else and I\’m gonna say it my late Father in law served on the African front and on the Italian front as well he was part of the inasion force that landed on Anzio beach,her saw some hourendeus fighting and if scarred hime for life.He was not the greatest guy in the world to get along with,but than again any WW2 vets was that way to some extent.The nice thing was that Him and I grew a lot closer twords the end of his life.He and I were able to make peace with each other in the last year of his life,as I was able to do with my own Dad before I lost him as well.

  13. Tina,I\’m with you I\’d rather be the voice in the woods that to be lead around like a sheep. My late Father used to say that the world better watch it or it would become one great pasture of sheep. It took me a while to understand that one,but got I did.

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