Officer Owens.

I’m am sad to say that officer D.Owens of the Cleveland Police Department.has passed away.He leaves a wife and two little children.I would like to ask for prayers for the family.

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  1. Travis as a retired corrections officer it affects me when I hear of the death of an officer.Not only here in Cleveland but Nation wide.

  2. #2525 and storyteller,if it was not for the man\’s partner the officer would not have even standed a it was it is a shame the he passed away,but the doctors did their best to save this man.Now as I believe he is in the hands of our Father,the Lord.

  3. Mike,I\’m so sorry to learn of his passing and will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers. Tina

  4. Tina,thank you He was only doing his job and as well all know \”to serve and protect\”means that sometimes cops don\’t always get to come home after their shift.It is my true belief that he did in fact go home to God.

  5. when there is such a man as he who did his job every day and willingly put that badge on and put his life on the line for us and even worked in the community while off duty to show the young people that there was a better way of life that gangs and drugs. I Take my Hat off to him and all of the men and women who respond to our needs as Police/fireman/emt\’s.I thank God for these Men and Women.

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