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Well the Big Day has arrived as I have alluded in may of my comments on the different blog friends sites. Today is Our 28 th wedding anaversary.
Monday will be my youngest Sister Linda and her husband Rod’s 29 th wedding anaversary.Horray for them as well. our middle Sister Sandy and her husband Al’s anaversay is later in the year,and it will be their 27th this year. The fun thing is that most of us had do get married twicw to get it right,with the exception Of Linda and Celestine(my Wife)who both got it right the first time around.

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  1. happy anniversary! congratulations to you all.our 10th will be this year. quite a milestone, too.

  2. Congrats! Isn\’t there just something great about being married for so long a time? There are perks that no one else can understand.

  3. Laurie,an a happy anaversary to you as a days makeing it to 10 years is great. Tim,You better believe that.

  4. Happy Anniversary Mike! I hope you and your wife are having a delightful day and wonderful weekend celebrating.Hugs and blessings,

  5. I hope your anniversary was wonderful! In these days where divorce is rampant, you can all be proud of sticking it out together.

  6. Malinthemiddle,I cannot say how proud I am to be amrried to Celestine for so long.when we first got married I tried to take care of her to the best of my ability,now that the seizures have returned,it is she that takes care of me.She is burdened with doing all the shopping herself,doing all the driveing.Something that I did most of our married life.These past two years have been rough on her.

  7. Mike,Congratulations to you all!! Celestine sounds like a wonderful person. It is so clear that you two love each other very much. Happy Anniversary!!!hugs,Tina

  8. Celestine is indeed a wonderful person,she is devoted to me and her family.Since her Mom has not been doing well she goes over to her brother\’s house where she lives now and spends as much time as she can helping her.

  9. Happy belated anniversary to you and your better half. I agree some of us had to go the second time around to get it right. What is important is that we did get it right…

  10. Hi Mike!! Yep..we share our anniversary date indeed. I\’m quite certain the Hubby and I could learn a few things from you and the missy. ­čśë

  11. Grandy,I\’m glad that we share the same day,Yesturday 03/03/08 was Linda\’s and Rod anaversary it is their 29 th this year.I totally forgot that they got married on the 3 rd of the month.Celestine and I Picked the 1 st of march.

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