I did It.

I finally have been able to load two dulicmer tunes.How greatful I am for learning how to do this.

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  1. We are more grateful than you are! My husband sat and listened with me tonight and he LOVES the Celtic music played here. He wants to know if you can reccomend any CD with this type of music that he could listen to all the time. We are Irish by sheer will because we love the music so much! Jennifer

  2. Congratulations!!! They\’re wonderful indeed. Seems like I told you a while back you’d catch on to this ‘technical blogging stuph’ in no time! I love that you’re proving me correct!Hugs and blessings,

  3. Jennifer I donot where you would find celtic music.There used to be a store the country store,it was a place where different vendor would sell different thigs that they made,there was also different music cds there as well.If you have somethinf like this in your area you might want to try there. Or you could try googling the music,and see what happens. Storyteller I just kept searching the help section of utube until I found out how to add the music also the help section of blogger helped as well.

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