just for the fun of it.

Just for the fun of it I decided to be adventureous,and change the way my blog looks.I liked the harbor theme,it even has a lighthouse as well.Which is fine with me because lighthouses are a grand thing to look at and they save lives along the coasts that have navagation hazzards.

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  1. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog…I thought I would stop by to see you and I see that you like to play the dulcimer…I love to hear music played by the dulcimer…I would guess that it is very much enjoyment for youplease come visit again,Mimi

  2. I like this layout, I used it for a while too. I really want to make my own layout, but it\’s aparently not as easy as I thought it would be. :)Anyways, I\’m so jealous over your dulcimer. I want one too!!

  3. I like the new look. Maybe it is time for me to think about a new look for my blog. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Mimi,yes the dulicmer does give me pleasure.unfortunaly because of the seizures the tunes that I learned have been socrambled that I caoon recall them at all.I guess I will have to start from the begging and reteach my self the songs.Samatha,I had toyed with the idea of changing my blog after seeing some of the changes other blogger have made to their sites.I cheated I used the templates that blogger supplies.As far as wanting your oun dulicmer you can google the hammered dulicmer and you will find different makers of the indtrument,I would also suggest trying to look up russell cook he is a dulicmer champion and a maker of the Hammered dulicmer as well.There are other makers as well.Yertle,I just started looking at the different templates anf found the harbor the fit me quite well.I guess it was because there is a lighthouse in it.I like Lighthouses amoung other things.

  5. A Hammered Dulcimer…too cool! I used to know this dude that played a multi-tiered HD…what a sound.I bought a bodran a few years ago in the hopes of mastering it as my finger dexterity is getting poorer by the day for playing the guitar. Still in the case, it is.

  6. Mike,You lighthouse theme is very nice. I love lighthouses. I\’m not sure if you knew that in Canada\’s Maritimes there are several lighthouses that have been converted to bed and breakfasts. I think it would be wonderful to stay in one. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post today. Blessings,Mary

  7. Glad to see you are getting more and more adventurous.Just remember to have fun with your blog. That\’s all that matters, really. 🙂

  8. Wow,Man oh man I\’m getting popular.I guess that by traveling to the other sites has brought the return favor.Tim,a multi-tiered dulicemer man would I love to see and hear that!Generic burnout#2525,I thank you for visitng mine as well.Mary If I was well enough to travel I would love to stay in a lighthouse B&B.Sleeping mommy,I\’m glad you like the new look.I\’m so glad that I did.Now my blog has 2 things that I like,now if I could figure out how to put part of the Ohio and Erie canal in as well I\’d be in blogging heaven,Oh yeh I\’m already there.(to swipe a part of the song)

  9. Hi Mike. I love your new layout. The old one was nice, but mixing it up will keep us on our toes :)My wife, Samantha (second commenter) says she knows hot to play the dulcimer. I would really like to hear it. It looks so beautiful, I bet it sounds beatiful too.I used to play the clarinet. I bet they are a lot cheaper than dulcimers.

  10. Kelly I have about a Grand tied up in my dulicmer that is the cost of it in the first place plust the two tapes I bought to try to,learn hoe to play it and the costs to go to the festivals that I have gone to not to mention all the different song books I have bought.I do unfortunaly need to have all the strings replaced they sound very bad,they need to be replaced every so often,I have not done that since I bought my instrument in 1992.

  11. How very BOLD of you Mike! I\’ve given some thought to playing a bit with the templates but was afraid I\’d mess things up and lose everything. I\’m curious how you managed the change. I do like the appearance of your blog in this new format! Nicely done. Here you are doing things already that I don’t know how to do! Most impressive.Hugs and blessings,

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