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What would happen if every body got together and spelled out every bad experience with customer service call and how if there was a boycott of the products because of bad customer service??? How about an uncaring companies that would not give you a strait answer when the product you had bought 2 months prior to contacting customer service due to a defect in the product??
Well I’m going to start with an experience that I had last year.I have given this a lot of thought and at first I did not want to rant about the shoddy treatment I got from Funai corporation. They are the makers of Magnavox products among other electronic products.
In August 2007 I bought a new VCR/DVD recorder.In October 2007 the unit broke down and would not record in the VCR or the DVD modes.I contacted Funai’s customer service and the run around started we ended up talking to several people each time we were told there was no record of us contacting them. Now we have the names of each and every one we talked to as well as their Id numbers.I also have several emails that I had sent to the company as well.then They told us to send a fax with all the important information,we did and we waited after a week we called and asked for a response to the fax we sent”we never received a fax from you” so we sent the fax again,again we waited a week and no response from Funai,again we were told that they have not received a fax.So we sent the damn fax again,by this time I was extremely pissed off.so I contacted the better business b.and also the Ohio state attorney generals office.
by this time the warranty of the ninety days was up so we called Walmart’s extended warranty people to get my unit fixed.they sent me a UPS ticket to put on the box that I was sending the combo unit in,took it to the UPS store and they shipped it to the company.three day after they received my VCR/DVD combo I had it returned to my house fixed.
Meanwhile Funai was still giving me the run around I told them that I had gotten my unit fixed and they will NEVER SEE AN OTHER DOLLAR OF MY MONEY!!I will look to see who is the manufacture of any electronic product closely if I see funai as the manufacturer,I will not buy that product. MAGNAVOX USED TO BE A RELIABLE PRODUCT,I HAD A MAGNAVOX T.V. THAT HAD LASTED 10 YEARS,So I bought the product that I trusted. Well my days of buying Magnavox products are over forever!

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  1. Poor Mike and Mrs. G. That just isn\’t fair that nice folks like you were treated so poorly. I will be more careful about buying their products for now on too. Thanks for the warning. jennifer

  2. Jennifer You are so welcomed.Like I said I agonized over posting this,but I decided that I just had to,and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. Mike,There are many companies that no longer stand behind their products. I can\’t believe the times I\’ve heard the phrase, \”We have no record of you contacting us prior to today.\” It seems that the age of computers gave companies the privledge of losing all of their contact information. When I was young, every company kept records and gave wonderful customer service. Today customer service is a thing of the past.Thanks for sharing this information.Prayers are with you and your family.Blessings,Mary

  4. That\’s Ok what goes around comes around,and these big business companies that just believe that being greedy and the hell with the people that have problems with the products,weel the internet is a great equalizer,don\”t you think??

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