Playing the dulicmer

For those that are curious.The dulicmer is played by holding tiny hammers in your hands.Some hammers have two sides a soft side and a hard side the soft side plays softer note and the hard side plays louder notes.think of playing the Hammered dulicmer as if you are playing a piano when you hit a key on the piano that causes a hammer to strike the wire inside the piano and plays a note.playing the dulicmer is just like that except you control the hammers and direct the hammers to the strings and thus playing the notes. I hope in my round about way I have aseh son light on how to play the dulicmer.

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  1. I guess holding hammers is easier on the fingertips than strumming.I\’m not sure I would be coordinated enough to play one. I played the clarinet quite adeptly when I was younger, but that requires different skills.Hope you are doing well.

  2. Cool. How long are the hammer handles? The hammer heads are usually made out of what type of substance? Have a good one.

  3. Captain Corky,weel the seizures are sometimes a daily thing that I just have to live with.Kelly,holding the hammers are easy and you use an alternating method of left right up and down stokes across the strings.It is just like playing a piano except there are no keys to hit just the different note strings.endymion,the hammers are about 6 inches long they are made of wood and are differtent shapes depending on how the hammers are made and or used. I will try to add a pic of some of my hammers that I have if possible.

  4. Good Morning Mike,\”THANK YOU\” for the info about how to play a dulcimer. I don\’t have one, but it\’s interesting to know these things. It\’s probably very similar to playing a Guitar as well. You don\’t have anything on your fingers when you play the guitar, but they do have strings. My DH plays a Guitar and he\’s pretty good at it. I\’ve tried to get him to play for me here at our Annual 4th of July Picnic, but he won\’t do it. He says it\’s just for me and the girls here at home. He plays and even sings to me sometimes. I read your previous post as well. All I can say is AMEN and PREACH ON to Congress my Brother. I do support our troops as well. I\’m not going to get started on the Government or I would have a book written here. LOL. But I guess you can get my opinion of the Government by the way I\’m typing this. We are to get some freezing rain tonight and tomorrow. I want Snow, but will have to take what we get. I just hope it doesn\’t get too bad that we lose our power. I hope you are feeling better today and pray you won\’t have a seizure today. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.Karen H.

  5. Hi Mike,I\’m so glad you visited my blog via our buddy Karen. Thank you so much for your prayers for Josie. It means so much to me.I sorta skimmed over your blog but plan on going back and reading all about you. I read where you are having seizures. Did you have them as a child or adult onset? My nephew, who is in his 50\’s, started having seizures a few years back. The doctors can\’t seem to find the reason they have started now and are having trouble finding any medication that helps him for any period of time. Please drop by and visit me again.Praying for you,Hope

  6. The dulcimer is a very interesting instrument. Do you play? You seem to know a lot about it. Can you give us a bit of history?Thanks, Mike, for prayers for Michelle. She is in better spirits today and I will update everyone when I do tomorrow\’s post later tonight.

  7. Thanks for the award Mike! I really needed it today, obviously!!!You are a great guy and yeah, I can\’t hammer so I guess I\’m screwed!

  8. Hope thank you for visiting as well.To answer you question,I had seizures as a child and about 8 yeasrs ago they came back.The doctors are a loss as to why and they have tried different medications.I will keep your nephew in my prayers.Since I don\’t know his name when i say that prayer I\’ll just tell God the he is hope\’s nephew he will know whom I\’m talking about. thank you for you blessing as well.God Bless you and all of your family. Mary,I do infact play the dulicmer but not as much as I would like to,since the seizures come out of the blue i would not like to be near the dulicmer and risk distroying this fine piece of wood.Krissy you are quite welcomed,and I\’m glad that I made your day.Hugs and blessing to all that have visited my site.

  9. Krissy at first I could not hammer as well but as I learned by trial and error I did finally get the hang of it. What I\’m really proud of is the plaque on my wall for taking 3rd place in the novice class at the regional contest in Roscoe Villiace@dulicmer days 1993.

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