A good monday

well today has been good only a couple of seizures.Maybe tomarrow will be better and I won’t have one.
I’ve added a ribbon today,it is something I believe in.I may not agree with the war in Iraq.I do Believe in supporting our military Men and Women. That is why I added the ribbon.
Over at broken-skull.com is a new posting that I also believe in.His comments may ruffle a few feathers,but sometimes those feathers need to be ruffled.At least I believe they need ruffling,yes congress and the senate I’m talking about you.
To every one else I hope that you had a great day today.
God Bless all who visit this site.

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  1. Mike,Thank you for the prayers for Michelle as she undergoes her surgery in the morning. I appreciate it.Thank you also for supporting the troops. Though I am Canadian, I pray for our troops as well as those of the US. Blessings for a good week.Mary

  2. Hopefully you are seixure free tomorrow. ; D I\’ll be thinking about you..

  3. Hi Mike, thank you for stopping by my blog.That is a beautiful Dulicmer you have there. I don\’t know how to play, but it sure does look good.

  4. Mary,when I see poeple that need prayers I prayfore them.Projectmommy,you don\’t know how much I wish to be seizure free.Kelly,the dulicmer is played with small hammers that you hold in you hands.it is a great instrument to listen to when played by someone who is profecient at it.me I\’m just a begginer compared to other dulicmer players.

  5. I\’m glad you had a good day and hope each day will be better and better. Thanks for stopping by Small Reflections. Seems like a while since you\’ve visited, but I understand busy-ness. Life\’s been busier for me than I like lately too.Hugs and blessings,

  6. Mike,Yes, I firmly believe in supporting the troops. I don\’t agree with the Iraq war and I\’d like to see the troops come home. Maybe we should send the members of the House and Senate to Iraq. How long do you think it would take them to end that war then?!?!?I hope you are feeling better.Tina

  7. I appreciate the fact that you support out troops! I stand with you in your support. God bless the men and women of our military!Be Blessed Mike! Jennifer

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