More on the Hammered Dulicmer

Today I’m going to sing the praises of three people that played a part of my learning the Hammered Dulicmer. The first two People had made video tapes that helped me.Mr.Dennis Lee of Texas Music and Videos who made learn the Hammered Dulicmer,who by the way has more and different Videos. Mr John McCutcheon who’s video is titled Hammered dulicmer taught by him. And thirdly I would like to Mention Ms Tina Bergmann who had given me a total of 22 lessions.That were taped as the lession was being given so that I could practise what i learned,unfortunaly the tapes were distroyed by accident.I had recorded over the lessions making some other tapes,Dumb me.
If there any mispelled words blame the spell check for it does not want to check my spelling for some strange reason.

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  1. Mike,It\’s great that you paid tribute to the three people who helped you learn to play the dulcimer. It\’s always nice to recognize those who help us in some way.Thanks for your prayers for Michelle. She is home and resting with the company of her family. I do appreciate your prayers.I pray for you that your health will improve.Blessings,Mary

  2. Mary,I believe that a person should pay homage to thost that help you.That is why I\’m so glad I have Celestine in my life,she has been a great person to be around,she is my friend,lover and most of all my wife.

  3. Hi Mike,I hope your day has been a good one. I\’ve been a little under the weather the past few days and I\’m trying to catch up tonight on my visiting.I am familar with John McCutcheon. I\’ve never heard him in person but he\’s in our area a lot. As a matter of fact, he liked our little county and bought an old house here. You can see it here: always wanted a dulcimer..the mountain kind played with a quill but I never got one. I just figured it would go in the closet with the guitar and autoharp!! LOLTake care,Hope

  4. yep the moutain dulicmer is closely related to the guitar.I think that maybe the moutain dulicmer was created to be more portable than a guitar would be.I could be wrong,I\’ve been known to be before.Blessings,Mike

  5. Awww, that\’s so sweet what you said about your wife in that other comment. She\’s a lucky woman.

  6. Mike- I didn\’t know you played the hammered dulcimer! That is pretty much my favorite instrument. (Though I play at playing guitar). Forgive me, this is my first visit to your page. But I am so glad I finally got here. Thanks for all your support!

  7. PS- I love the picture of your dulcimer. The wood is gorgeous! I have never seen one made of such nice wood.

  8. Sojourner,Yes it has lovely wood,it was made by a local person in the Rosoe Villiags area of cosocton county area.He does not make thes any more so that in it\’s self make this instrument even more special to me.My dulicmer is a heavey one to carry around,in fact I broke the first handle and I put the one thats on it now.Projectmommy,It is I that feels truely lucky to have Celestine.

  9. Mike,It\’s wonderful that you wrote this tribute to the people who helped you learn to play the dulcimer. You are very thoughtful. The world would be a better place if more of us would pause to say \”Thank you.\” Thank you, for this wonderful post!hugs,Tina

  10. tina,yes it would be a better place if people woud say thank you,and while I\’m on the subject how about asking someone how are you doing today and can you use some help?

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