becoming my Father.

there are times that I feel that I have become my father.I enjoy some of the same music that he did,all though I would never admit it ti him when he was alive.Now I do tell him. Of course we always did see eye to eye on some music.We both agreed that the following artists were great entertainers.Nat “King” Cole,Glen Miller,Tommy Dorsey. There are other that I would listen to as well.I still do. You can find some of the music we both enjoyed on my other site. It is still a work in progress.

One thing that I did not say and will now is Dad passed away way too young in 1984, he was only 58. I miss the good things about my Dad the bad stuff well I do not miss that. I know the Mom and Dad are together and have a good time dancing as they did when the were young.

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  1. Yeah…I can sort of identify with this. I find that, more and more, when I look into a mirror, I see my mother staring back at me. And I have to tell you that, truthfully, this does not make me happy. At all. :<Kari

  2. Kari,As my Mom got into her 60\’s she was looking a lot like her Mom(my Grandma).The funny thing is my middle sister is starting to have some of my Moms features.If I would ever lose a lot of my weight,and got really skinny I would look like Dad.

  3. Oh man, all I have to do is look down at my widening hips, and the harsh reality of me becoming my mother is already clear. Those artists are amazing, and I have to agree with you 100% on that ­čÖé

  4. Hi Mike. Thank you for visiting my blog. Did you also check out my photoblog?Check out if you are interested in a community for people over 40. It\’s a fun place.Kay

  5. I must say you have good taste in music…and I think we all become our parents as we get older… I know inside my head I am myself…but it is my mother looking back at me from the mirror…

  6. Sandy C.The thing about these atrisits they really made music not thr rubbish that passes for music these days.Mimi,inside my head I am both Dad and my self.The teaching he gave me are still there the thoughts that he said are there it does not mean that he controls me,I am my own man.It is his guidence that I look to at times.

  7. I to find as i get older the more i am like my own mother. I never thought that would be possible, but I have become her in a lot of ways. I am glad you can find things you and your father are alike in. Music is very powerful, and connects the generations.

  8. We are big fans of the jazz standards of the 40-60s chez BLC. Much easier to sing to one another. \”Fly me to the Moon/In Other Words\” and Dinah Washington are particular favorites.

  9. Mysti,yes music is a very powerful way of commecting the different generations.There are many things that I miss about my Dad being with him on Fathers day is one I always enjoyed being over the visit Mom and Dad when My niece Allisan was over She was their first grandchild and Dad was a real softies when she was around him.Bipolarlawyercook,I enjoyed listing to the swing musice and the big band music that dada Had and Of course Frank Sinatra.

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