Why do all the "sickies" get the glory.

Now this is a posting against the media! why do the druggies,the drunks,get to be glorified???why is the media so willing to keep going on and on about the rich and spoiled?

the “king”(Elvis),Jim Morrison,Janis Joplin,Keith ledger,Marylin Monroe,Michael and countless others that have taken drugs and died because of an overdose.Why and the hell do they get the most attention?????? Oh I forgot they got money to buy off the problems that they caused.

Case in point the latest jerk of a football player with the Cleveland Browns.He got High than got into a car ran over an man killing him.Bought off the family and got a 30 day jail sentence!
Now that I got that off my chest I feel better.

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  1. Preach it Mike, preach it. To be a thug is so in these days. The world has gone crazy. With MJ. Yes, he did a lot in music, but he was a pedophile. He paid off those he abused. You are right on the money Mike.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. \”Haunted House\” Blog writer SueAnn asked me to alert her peeps that she will be off computer for a week or two. She is fine, Lost her online access. Thank you,Steve E

  3. Glad you got that off your chest before you exploded. I'm sick of hearing about MJ. A woman in a business meeting yesterday morning just blurted out \”Can any of y'all go a day without humming at least four MJ songs?\” I replied, \”I can go my lifetime without even thinking about him or his songs. I could not name you four MJ songs.\” Unfortunately like one of you commenters said people love train wrecks.

  4. JC,thank you for stopping by,and leaving this great comment.I was not so kind in my remarks about the networks that I said out loud in my house.If I would have posted that I would have gotten in trouble for them.

  5. Mike …. YOU ROCK!!!!I have been away from the net for a long time now, and when I opened up my reader there were 8 billion posts – this ONE resonated with me. The media, and the \”world\” now are trying desperately to make disfunction and lifestyles that contain rampant indulgance seem \”politically correct\” and NOBLE even. The news has made me sick lately.Granted, I am not trying to seem unsensitive …. and am not putting a spin nor shedding light on loss. Just that as you point out, the media's pushed and glorified the worst in society just because of record or movie sales. SALES do NOT = PERSONAL WORTH. There are many real heros that go un-noticed. That's why I believe that news has crossed the line of information … all the way to \”worship\”. I worship only one God, and \”It's not a messed up rock star with billions\”.

  6. Speedcat,I can not agree with you more.My God is the one in heaven who sent his son for our salvation.I do not make light of anyone's loss.I said prayers for his family.Akelamalu.this is something that I needed tosay.

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