so it is not three column

so I cannot put it together the way I wanted to.the Two Column is a good idea. Since I reallywanted to have a three column blog I got that as is located on word press. Along with most of everything that I had here.
Maybe I need to post a sign above the computer that says:don’t mess with the blogger site any more!!!!!!!
Of course I did manange to add one new thing to this blog the reactions squares.

This is and shall remain the primary blog that I use.

14 Comments on “so it is not three column

  1. Did you move Mike since I've last visited. I'll check out wordpress.Hope you and your family had a nice 4th. I've been away for a little bit!

  2. Debra,I have the wordpress site,this will still be the main blog.Just Be Real.I still have most of the stuff that I had originally.I just lost the 2 extra blog rolls that I had.AirmanMom,thank you.

  3. Should we visit you on WordPress from now on? I don't know how to make blogs with columns either.

  4. Hey Mike,Just dropping by to drop some EC love on your blog and to thank you for your comments on mine…I'm assuming you've migrated to and not a self hosted platform, is that correct? If so, I wanted to let you know that you should be able to make additional blogrolls by inserting the URL's into a blank text box and then move the text block where ever you want it to be…Hope this helps….Peace

  5. Mike Thanks for stopping by.This blog is STILL THE PRIMARY BLOG.Wordpress will not let me put Entre Card on it.

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