man I screwed this up.

so much for trying to import a new blog format.Now I lost some stuff that I wanted to keep.Can I get some one to proverbial plant their foot in a certain part of my anatomy??

11 Comments on “man I screwed this up.

  1. stuff happens! You created a great blog before, I have no doubt you will do it again…not the same, but equally as good!Drop by my site, and copy the prayer…if you wish!~AM

  2. AirmanMom.I save a lot of the stuff on my hard drive,that stuff is still there.I lost the two new blog rolls that I had for one.Mari,Thank you for that.

  3. Sorry this endeavor has turned out to be such a pain in the butt for you.

  4. Anon Drifter,I go no one to blame except myself.trying to something and not knowing how to do it,I ended up making a mess of things.

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