Prayer requests:this is a two fold one

As the title say I have 2 Prayer request to make. the first on is for Tim,who is recovering from surgery.
the second is from BK’s site,for Charmaine. Please go and visit poth sites and offer your sopport to these family.God Bless and Keep them.

7 Comments on “Prayer requests:this is a two fold one

  1. i will also post this in my blog Mike. i hope many will help us pray again. A blessed Sunday to you and your family! GOD BLESS!

  2. PinkLady,thank you for posting this on your site as well.I hope that you have a blessed day as well.Akelaumalu,thank you as well.

  3. Mike,You are always so faithful to post prayer requests. Enjoyed catching up with you, my friend. Hope you're having a good weekend.Blessings,Mary

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