With the New Year soon to be here … ( A Double Dog dare)

As the title states,with the New Year just around the corner. I double dog dare you to post your silliest thing that you ever did to celebrate New Years!
Here it the Silliest thing I have done. I was on temporary Duty Assignment(TDY) to an Air Base in Taiwan called C.C.K.(don’t remember how it was spelled) When we were on a layover in Taipei on New Years Eve. Doing what I did best I was sightseeing when I ran into a group of fellow service men blowing off some steam. I joined them and soon we all were felling no pain,and ended getting up on top of the bar and danced a kind of chorus line thing celebrating the New Year,when the combination Military police,shore patron and Air police came into the bar ordered us down off the bar and hauled us in,until we were collected by our units. Needless to say we all were in hot water.
I got off with a serious a** chewing.

Now then,I will up the ante to a Triple Dog Dare!!!!

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  1. Mike, I hate to admit this but I don\’t have a silliest New Year\’s story. Wish I did. Well, since I\’m still living, there time. I\’ll be sure to let you know all about it. HA!

  2. WOW!!! That is quite a story. I don\’t have many new year\’s stories since I usually worked that night. I think the most memorable one was when I was around 23 yrs old. I was at a friend\’s party and took part in a roman candle war in the their back yard. IT was totally insane and totally NOT safe. But it was a blast…literally 🙂

  3. Of course I don\’t have a silly New Year story to share, I\’m much too much of a lady to ever have done anything like that! (wink) 🙂

  4. That\’s a good one. I\’ve not done any silliness for the New Year. Really, I haven\’t. Never cared for being out on New Year\’s eve.Have a terrific day Mike. Big hug. 🙂

  5. Momisodes, I can relate,when I was a teenager my friend Irv and set off a roman candle in the middle of the sidewalk outside his house.Akelamula and Sandee,we all can\’t be saints.now can we.

  6. Hmmm, silliness on New Year\’s. I was probably in my senior year in high school (a friend\’s parents were out of town) We drank too many beers. I was playing guitar and singing songs when a girl I barely knew sat next to me and asked me to sing a song. As soon as I finished she started kissing me. I was like, \”Hold on, let me put the guitar down first.\” We spent the rest of the night smooching. The bad part was my younger, female cousins were in town and my mother convinced me to take them to the party and were sitting on the adjacent sofa while I was getting to know my new friend. They had a lot to blackmail me with when we got home.

  7. Well, I\’m up for a dare, I just don\’t have anything crazy or silly that I\’ve done on NY\’s Eve. So, I guess I\’m a party pooper!Happy New Year!Brenda

  8. Hmmm I do not have anything silly i have done on New Years. I guess that makes me boring? lolHappy New years my blogger friend!

  9. I would of liked to see you dancing on a bar in a chorus line, how fun!!! I don\’t have any silly stories, from New Years anyway, that I can remember! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  10. I\’m afraid I have always been a stick in the mud, when it comes to New Years celebrations…I have so much trouble staying awake that I miss all the wild stuff…Happy New Years!!! Be safe and don\’t do too much crazy things…Mimi

  11. I am so dull. I don\’t have a silliest New Year\’s story. However, I have fond memories of when I was a kid and my great aunt and uncle who always went out of New Year\’s Eve would bring me their leftover party hats and horns. I thought that was so cool at the time.

  12. Mimi, believe it or not I\’ve become that stick in the mud as well.HulaGirl.found memories are somethig to treasure as well.

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