A new one.

Storyteller created this and gave it to everyone who has commented on her blog in the last three weeks. So I am doing the same thing. Thank you Storyteller and Sandee who is giving this award away in the same manor as well.

12 Comments on “A new one.

  1. Looks really good over here Mike. You so deserve all the awards out there.Have a terrific day. Big hug. ­čÖé

  2. Congratulations on this and for 1 yr blogging. Gee, it\’s been about a year for me too, come to think of it. I thought you were going off-line. It\’s good to see you. Have a Merry Christmas! ;o)

  3. A.W.R. I had cut down the amount of time spent on the computer to see if that was helping with the seizures.it was not.

  4. Mike,I am so glad you have the bathroom done and working. It is a lot of work and quite expensive to renovate a bathroom. But now it is like brand new and you and Celestine can enjoy the new look as well as reliable facilities.Love the award. Congratulations, my friend. You are most deserving.Blessings to you and Celestine during Christmas. May 2009 bring you love, laughter, good health and prosperity… this is my prayer for you both.Mary

  5. hello there! came here through entrecard. just wanted to say that the picture is really lovely. i seldom see giraffe pictures, but this is the best giraffe pictures ive seen so far.. :)happy new year!

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