Day: December 16, 2008

A hug.

Brenda is passing out these hugs! Brenda Thank you for mine! Everybody go and visit Brenda and get you Hug as well!!!!

A Prayer request

My blogging friend Brenda is asking for prayers for her sister. I put up a link for every one to go and offer support.

5 days to go

As thie title says,I’m 5 day away from my first Blogaversary! Hopefully I’ll have something whitty to say if not I do have something that I will post for the “special”day!

Google reader what is you MAJOR MALFUNCTION????

As the title says,I keep trying to read every one’s post and keep getting the same darn agrevating message! ERROER TRY AGAIN. WELL GOOGLE READER THAT YOUR ERROER MESSAGE AND STICK IT WHERE THE SUN DOES NOT SHINE!!!!!

Looney Tunes I justhad to add this one!!!!!

The Christmas Song sung by Nat King Cole

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